The Gift of Self-Healing

self healingI’m so proud of my Reiki students – particularly when they have the self-discipline to carry out their full 21 day self-healing process over the festive season, following their Reiki Attunement.

Just a few words from one of my lovely students about the power of Reiki:

“Day 21 and I’m feeling so at peace. I wondered whether I would have been able to stick to 21 days straight as I haven’t always stuck to things in the past but I did it! 

It has truly become a part of my daily routine and I’ve received so much clarity, the amazing part is the things that I used to avoid or the distractions I would get myself into have just fallen away without any real conscious decision to change. I now understand how those blockages we have stop us from living a fulfilled life and by removing those blockages, we can all live peacefully 

I’m so happy I chose to do the course with you Jackie, can’t wait for level 2 xxx”

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