Salisbury |

You’ll be in good hands!
Jackie is a real treasure and one fab chick!
When I went to see Jackie I was really struggling with various difficult issues in my life. Boyfriend issues (whether to move in with him or not) issues with a few shocks from a parent’s illness and difficult relatives, plus a lot of residual stress from work had all taken their toll and I’d been awash in negative emotions, anxiety, and struggling to come back to the ‘old me’.
I knew I needed help – and having had Reiki before, knew what a beautiful energy therapy it can be. Meeting Jackie was wonderful. She is a very down-to-earth and lovely, caring lady. Her approach to healing is very thorough – she is very warm and caring and will do her utmost to help. She helped me to see a little more clearly some good first steps to take to coming back to myself.
Her intuition is very strong, and she honed in straight away on the people around me who were problematic and draining my energy, and which chakras were blocked, etc. She also was able to trace a physical injury I had to a time when experiencing problems which were affecting me emotionally. (All of this made absolute sense to me – it’s only Western medicine which often takes injuries etc. in isolation and doesn’t think to link them to other issues we may be struggling with, whether they be emotional/psychological and/or spiritual.) She also gave me advice on additional steps I could take to heal. Jackie injects enthusiasm, love and care into her work, and you get much more help and care than you would usually from a Reiki session – she really does go above and beyond to help you. And it’s a treat to receive the Reiki – it’s like a bath of warm energy.
If you are considering having an energy healing, I would recommend Jackie wholeheartedly – you’ll be in good hands. Thank-you, Jackie.