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I felt completely comfortable opening-up to Jackie about my hopes and fears

Jackie’s Healing Art Therapy Workshop was recommended to me at a women’s group where I shared my longing to rediscover my creativity  –  expressing that brought me to tears at the group, as it does now.

I suppose I considered myself a lapsed artist but I was totally blocked. I couldn’t get past my fear of failure and constantly put obstacles in my own way, making excuses or procrastinating – clearly self- sabotage.

So I attended Jackie’s Workshop in Romsey (which is most incredibly beautiful space and setting) with a totally open mind and a sense of desperation. Jackie was amazingly friendly and supportive from the first moment I walked in, and I felt completely comfortable opening up to her about my hopes and fears. Not only was Jackie lovely, but my fellow workshoppers were also so warm, and there was a great sense of being in it together.

I spent 4 hours painting non-stop and I cannot remember the last time I concentrated on one activity for so long – and it was a fantastic feeling. It was like I was home – I had found my place in the universe again. (crying again).

Anyway, not long after the workshop I converted my spare room into an art studio, and I am now a part-time artist working my way up to using my passion to make a living, and have a job that actually feeds my soul.

Thank you Jackie  x