Rachel – Bournemouth

After my first session with Jackie I felt so clear headed

I had been suffering with a lot of stress and anxiety through my workplace and life in general (but mostly work). I had already gone through CBT therapy which helped to a certain degree, but the stress and anxiety is still something I heavily struggle with. I really felt like I was completely out of whack, overwhelmed and unable to gain any sort of control over my situation.


So a friend of mine recommended I see Jackie. My friend has had reiki with Jackie for a while and strongly recommended I go to see her to start some reiki therapy, and I’m so thankful because even from one session with Jackie I already felt a huge benefit from it.


After my first session with Jackie I felt so clear headed, I genuinely felt like a big weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and felt so great in myself: calm, motivated and blessed. A lot of positive things I hadn’t felt in a long time.


Jackie is such a lovely woman. She’s so calming and makes you feel comfortable in her sessions. I’m usually very uncomfortable in discussing things that involve being emotional and vulnerable, but she made me feel safe and comfortable the entire time, and I thank her for that deeply.  She’s truly a beautiful soul and I’m excited to start this journey with her help. Thank you Jackie.