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I felt relaxed, safe and loved
I visited Jackie for a coffee and a chat about life, she has a real wisdom which I found fascinating about the start of her spiritual journey and she really helped me understand where I was on this path. Jackie helped me to understand how I can use my new found knowledge and not be worried by it. She has a very calming influence and just being in her presence makes me feel relaxed and safe and loved.
Jackie then gave me a Reiki session, I’ve had Reiki before but not felt anything from it, but as soon as Jackie started I could feel my forehead and face tingling. It was the strangest but nicest of feelings, I could literally feel her energy as she moved down my body, each area where she hovered I could sense a pulling sensation as if energy was being pulled from me and dispelled out of my body. I went into a deep state of relaxation and just enjoyed the new sensation of feeling her energy pulling on mine. After the session, I asked Jackie what had happened, she said she was drawing negative energy from my body and drawing it down through my legs and out of the soles of my feet – and without once touching me. It was bizarre that I could actually feel this, but also I felt open and freer once she had finished opening my Chakras.
Overall it was an enlightening experience that left me feeling blissed out. Jackie has a gift that I will be tapping into again and can thoroughly recommend her should anyone feel they need Reiki or life guidance on spiritual matters.