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I now have the pain and discomfort under control
I discovered reiki with Jackie a few months ago at the Healing Festival at Bournemouth University, I was amazed by after just a ‘taster’ session how calm and relaxed I felt…I’ve since then been having monthly appointments with Jackie.
Three years ago I suffered an allergic reaction to an antibiotic which damaged my nervous system in my face, Jackie has helped me to remain calm, centred and focused, which with the busy and stressful life I lead, it is essential for me to remain in control of the discomfort I feel from my nerve endings. Each session has felt very beneficial, I now feel I have the discomfort in control, instead of it controlling me, feeling happier and more relaxed than I have felt for a long time. Throughout the treatment I can feel the heat flowing from Jackie’s hands, making me sink into a mellow feeling of warmth and happiness. I look forward to each treatment and continue to feel improvement each time. I can strongly recommend Jackie to anyone who like me is a victim of the modern busy life we all lead.