James – Bournemouth

Reiki Training … I felt I was being taught at a wonderful quality, with the utmost competence!

It has been a delight undertaking my Reiki levels 1,2 and 3 with Jackie Howchin!  Her personal, relaxed informative style of teaching put me completely at ease throughout the entire experience. Clearly very competent in Reiki herself, I felt I was being taught at a wonderful quality, with the utmost competence; combining this with her warm, humble disposition made for a genuinely enjoyable and satisfying education. I almost wish there were more levels, just so I could continue going back.

It was such a rare relief to be able to talk so openly and practically, about areas of life that are so often misunderstood and shrouded in mysticism. The sense of assurance Jackie gives anyone who is lucky enough to practise with her is a true gift.  A testament to her aptitude, there is no confusion or doubt when talking about Reiki, allowing the cynicism that usually enshrouds it to just seem silly.

Jackie provides a wonderful foundation, environment and guidance in the development and exploration of one’s intuition, allowing you to trust in yourself and, in so doing, to harness your personal skills of healing.

I am very grateful to Jackie for guiding me through my Reiki journey, and I hope to continue growing and working with her in the future.

Thank you very much.  See you soon.