Freya – Bournemouth

Jackie helped ensure that my new business was a total success

Before I go into details, I just want to emphasise that just 4 sessions with Jackie changed my life forever, it is without a doubt the best investment I have EVER made in myself. If you are considering working with her, take this as a sign to give it a go because you won’t regret it!

When I found Jackie I was starting a new area of my business and part of this required me to get on video conferences with many potential customers and deliver education virtually. This was something I have never done before and it scared me, so I wanted to try a different type of therapy to get my confidence shining and my communication skills on top form!

After just one session Jackie was able to help clear my energy and release negative and self limiting beliefs that I had held for many years! She gave me practice tools to use outside of our sessions and it was the best therapy I have ever received (and I have tried many traditional methods previously).  Not only did the work with Jackie help ensure that my new business was a total success! She helped me release things that were holding me back in all areas of my life. With that release I also began to realise I had gifts and abilities that I never knew of, and this has changed my life forever.

There are not enough words to thank Jackie for the amazing work she does and all the love and support she gives to so many people through her business. Thank you for everything Jackie!