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I felt nurtured and completely safe
My first Reiki healing with Jackie took the form of a taster session and so was only 15 minutes long; however, in that short time, I was completely won over. It is wonderful. I have since had an hour session and will be going back for more. Jackie is a wonderful, warm, caring, compassionate and empathetic healer. She put me completely at ease. I felt nurtured and completely safe and was totally relaxed throughout the session. The atmosphere is calming, soothing and very peaceful.
My healing session highlighted 3 areas/chakras that were blocked, so Jackie focused on those for me, and she confirmed that the rest of the chakras were clear and that my energy was flowing. We talked afterwards about the ways in which I could work towards freeing any ‘stuck’ energy and I shall continue to have further healing with Jackie. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Jackie. She is an amazing healer.