Franki – Poole

I did not want to be controlled by my anger and fear any longer!

I have been suffering from anxiety for years, looking back at it since I was a child.  I have had a build-up of things, as we all do, and had not dealt with them – hoping they would dissolve,  This year I have been through many emotions, and it had come to a head where I could not control my anxiety and fear any more.

I did not want to be controlled by my anger and fear any longer, so decided that it was time to find a way to either disperse it, or deal with the root cause.

I had looked on the internet to research ways of helping anxiety and came across Reiki.  I wasn’t 100% sure it would work, but I was so determined to get better that I thought “what have I got to lose, it’s a new experience and it will be interesting to understand and learn how it works”.

When I met Jackie, I naturally and easily let my guard down, which I don’t often do.  I found Jackie so warm, open and non-judgemental, that I found myself just talking and letting it all out.  I cried a lot, which again is something I don’t like doing – especially in front of a stranger.

Jackie explained to me what Reiki is and what she would do.  All I can say, which doesn’t give it justice, is that it was the most amazing experience and I have not felt so calm, relaxed and at peace with myself in a very long time.

Jackie gave me homework to work on myself, which I have done 3 to 4 times in between my sessions, and it has made a massive difference to my wellbeing, making me really think about what my triggers are and how to solve them easily.

I would say that if you are serious about changing, or wanting to make positive changes in your life, Reiki does work.   Jackie gives you the tools, and she guides you to make your own journey come true.

I am extremely blessed that I came across her.