Ashley Heath |

Thank you for putting me back on the right path
Something was wrong, my emotional state had not been right for some considerable time. I thought I was on top of it until it proved me wrong. I am active in an adventure sport but had lost my bounce and confidence and was very apprehensive at the thought of partaking in an overseas expedition in a few weeks’ time. It was time for professional help.

Jackie understood and I came to realise that there was an identifiable cause for my troubles and, more importantly, a path to resolution. The cause of my troubles was identified quickly; baggage from a traumatic period of my past that I thought was well behind me. Through her knowledge and skills with Reiki, Jackie was able to get my healing process underway from the first session. She also advised me as to how I could help myself to assist my own improvement. I was surprised at how rapid my improvement was. Not only did I feel more in control of my emotional state but I was also being complemented on my skills within my sport. I got checked out for the forthcoming expedition with flying colours and on the expedition itself my skills were assessed as of a very high standard during some arduous conditions. This only came from the high level of self-confidence that Jackie had been able to impart to me.

Without Jackie and her skill with Reiki this would have been a rather different story. Thank you for putting me back on the right path, teaching me how to help myself and, most importantly, setting me up for the future.