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I experienced a profound shift in my feelings
I came to see Jackie a year on from a gruelling divorce and exhausted from the rigours of single parenting two daughters. I had survived, but I was incredibly weary and still very angry. As someone who is a ‘coper’ and who usually gets through life with grim determination and a breezy “I’m fine”, I recognised that I hadn’t processed many of my feelings and the tools I was used to using i.e. my head, just weren’t working for me anymore. Therefore I turned to Reiki as a means of bypassing my head, and working with myself at an energetic level. I was sceptical that it would make any kind of difference and half expected it to be a nice relaxation but nothing more. After the first session however, I experienced a profound shift in my feelings. I felt lighter, freer, more full of love and gratitude for my life and my daughters, less stressed and considerably more open. Thank you Jackie for the very intuitive, loving gift that you have. I will also be bringing my daughters to see you soon.