Many people are struggling in this challenging time, with the current lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  The biggest issue appears to be the huge element of anxiety, frustration, and FEAR, which is being held in our bodies, blocking our energy from flowing properly, and creating dis-ease and discomfort.

In order to help our bodies to heal, and our energy to flow efficiently, it’s crucial to LET GO of any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, and this is even more important during this time of uncertainty, with all the frustrations that lockdown can bring, and the uncertainty about the future.

Reiki healing, combined with positive Life Guidance, are te most natural and effective way to shift these negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.  When someone asks how we are, we often say out loud  “I’M FINE” and that everything is ok – but even if we think we are fine, we can still hold onto those negative thoughts and feelings subconsciously – deep in our bodies, deep down in our energy centres.  Reiki helps to bring these feelings to the surface, in order for your body to let go of them, and such a beautiful and natural form of healing.

So this lockdown has brought with it many challenges for us all.   My biggest challenge has been the lack of physical one-to-one contact.  As my friends and clients know, I’m very much a ‘hands-on’ person, and love healing hugs.  My clients really feel the energy flowing from my hands and through their bodies during my hands-on Reiki sessions.  So when I was asked to do a Remote Healing Session for one of my clients via Zoom during lockdown, I initially struggled with the idea of offering my Reiki and Life Guidance sessions online, partly because I’m not particularly great with technology, but also because I wasn’t sure if my clients would feel the same connection as when I’m in the room with them.

However, it seems that my hesitation was unfounded, as one of my clients was finding the current situation extremely challenging, and really felt the need for her regular healing session. We connected easily via Zoom and we had our usual consultation, and then I led her through a beautiful guided meditation whilst I sent her Reiki healing. And today she then sent me the following lovely message, which brought a tear to my eye.

“Thank you so much for my distance Reiki session via Zoom, it made such a difference to me to be able to still connect with you and receive the gentle healing energy of Reiki at such a challenging time.

I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed I felt working online with you, I experienced many of the sensations I normally have when receiving Reiki from you in person!! I felt so calm, relaxed and much lighter after our session, I slept really well last night.

Thank you Jackie, for offering your Reiki sessions with such professionalism, genuineness and passion.”

L – Bournemouth

We all have to adapt in challenging times, and I’m so pleased that I stepped out of my comfort zone, and faced my uncertainties … and also excited that further online healing sessions are already being booked by my clients. Loving what I do … raising the vibration of the planet, one soul at a time. xxxx



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