Reiki Level 3 Masters Course


Congratulations to Jade-Celeste and James: I’m proud to present two new Reiki Masters.

Today I had the honour and absolute pleasure to take two more beautiful souls to their ultimate dream of becoming Reiki Masters.  And what a day it was … with so much love and sharing.  Providing a safe space, and by sharing my own personal experiences of Reiki and life in general, my students both felt confident to share their own stories, providing a huge insight into their own Reiki journeys.

At the end of a hugely successful day, they received a powerful Attunement.  I felt so proud as I then watched them give each other a beautiful healing session.  Both are superb healers, and it was exciting to see the very different way they used their healing gift intuitively.  The feedback they gave each other after their hands-on healing practice was awesome, and I’m so excited to see how they have both truly stepped forward into their healing power with so much confidence and grace.

I truly love what I do … and today we have two more wonderful Reiki Masters who can also now help to raise the vibration of the planet – creating that beautiful ripple effect by spreading their love and healing energy.

Loving what I do … Loving Life!

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