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To complement by Reiki energy healing I also run Workshops, aimed at supporting and encouraging emotional healing through Art and creative self-expression for those living with pain, grief, fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, stress and so much more.

Art and healing blend beautifully to take you into your inner self … your emotions, thoughts, feelings and visions – deep into your conscious and subconscious soul. As your healing comes to you from within, you release those negative blockages which have caused you to stagnate and feel heavy in body and mind. This stimulates your immune system, blood flow and mental attitude, and you achieve balanced wholeness, and are able to operate once more at your optimum level – feeling in control of your true self once again. By releasing tension and fear, and opening your mind to passionate creativity, the inner artist and healer become one. The healing art experience is intended to be exciting and joyful – it is fun and should be seen as an adventure.

Use this creative process of art to heal yourself, others and the earth. People are using art to heal so many situations, such as: depression, grief, fear, guilt, sickness, pain, abuse (sexual, physical, mental), anger, frustration, separation or divorce and to promote their spiritual growth. Or you can simply choose Healing Art as a form of relaxation and a way to unwind from the stresses of daily life.

You don’t need to believe in any particular religion or spiritual belief – you simply take yourself inward on your own personal healing journey. This is the ideal vehicle for transformation, change and healing – making this simple healing process accessible to everyone. By bringing light into the dark areas which are blocking you, and using your imagination, you can find deep within you art that speaks from your soul. Although the experience will be different for everyone, the underlying transformation of feeling lighter and brighter, and focusing on being right there in the moment, is the same for us all.

The first step to healing is the realisation that, in order to heal, you must go within, and visit those heavy energies of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions – those places that we don’t really want to look at, so we tend to bury them deep within us. By facing these negative energies and bringing them to the surface, you are then able to release them. A great way to do this is to transform these energies into something creative and focusing on being truly ‘in the present’.

Being mindful of your negative thoughts and emotions is really important. You are not expected to simply forget them. But by being ‘present’ and ‘in the moment’ when creating art, you are able to acknowledge those feelings by releasing the inner critic, self-judgement or self-condemnation. Surrendering helps you to accept your emotions including pain, anger, despair and guilt. By releasing emotionally and physically, you are able to trust, ‘let go’ and reveal the true you.

Creativity is in our genes, we do it spontaneously. We use our imagination to heal, so it’s the easiest, most natural process for life change. You do not need to be an artist or a healer – you just need to have the desire to heal and grow.

“When there are no words there is art”

The Bourne Academy, Hadow Road, Bournemouth BH10 5HS

Workshop Date: Sunday 24th March 2019
Self-investment: This half-day Workshop will cost £47

Create a MASTERPLAN for your life and manifest your dreams into reality!
Have you ever experienced the energy of ‘inner flow’ – when you are fully absorbed and energized by what you are doing? Time floats by and the external world moves away. Give yourself the gift of freedom at this Workshop – the opportunity to let go of your hectic life and bring a sense of peace and a clear flow of energy into your life. Allow yourself to shift negativity and really listen to what’s in your heart. Let go of what you DON’T want in your life, and start focusing on what you DO want.
Most of us never get what we want, because we don’t truly know what it is we want. A MASTERPLAN is a wonderful way to bring clarity to your desires, and help turn them into achievable goals. Once you’ve dreamed it, the next step is to believe it. Landscape the image of your perfect life. Create a rich palette of colour, texture, depth and perception. Choose beautiful images which resonate with you – be surprised by the feel or colour of something and how it affects your senses. Include words and phrases that affirm your intentions. Move things around on your MASTERPLAN to create a beautiful story.

Some people simply wish for more money or a slimmer body – if that’s you, then it’s good to dig a little deeper and ask yourself what you would do if you had more money or if you lost weight? How would it enhance your life? How would it make you feel? You may wish to create a MASTERPLAN which relates to just one specific area in your life: health, work, relationships, home, money etc. – or you may create one covering all aspects of your dreams and desires.

By creating a MASTERPLAN you are helping to maintain your goal(s) in your subconscious, enabling you to stay focused. It’s very easy to start each day with a positive intention – and then you get out of bed and the tasks and challenges of everyday life can take over, pulling you in several directions at once. Re-visit your MASTERPLAN as often as you can, using it as a constant reminder of your dreams and goals, Keep your attention on your intention, and really focus on how you would feel if your dreams had already materialised. This is the key to manifestation.

This may well be the most important thing you do for yourself this year!

What to expect at a Healing Collage Workshop
Each Workshop has just a small group of participants, making it easy to socialise and exchange creative ideas and make new friends. It won’t be long before you’re asking each other to look out for a specific image or word, as you excitedly browse through the materials for inspiration. In this fun workshop, you will create a mixed media collage. Using colour, words and texture as inspiration, you will manifest a unique work of art.
Each workshop is a half-day (morning or afternoon). The day will start with a brief introduction by myself, and an explanation of your energy systems and how our bodies are affected by stress and trauma. The Chakra system and their associated colours, will be described, and I will talk briefly about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest your dreams and goals.

I will then lead you through a guided meditation to enable you to connect to your energy centres. During the meditation I will be sending Reiki energy healing to each participant, to allow an easier flow of energy, and enable you to more easily ‘let go’ and ‘release’ any energetic blockages from your body.

As soon as you’ve shifted the negativity, and your energy is flowing clearly, you will then be ready to focus on your positive energy and begin browsing through magazines for beautiful images and words, and let your self-expression flow. Explore the array of embellishments and materials, and add texture to your collage if you wish.

The majority of the Workshop will be devoted to your collage, with regular refreshments provided to keep your energy flowing. You will leave the Workshop with your very own Manifest Collage to treasure.

What’s included in the Workshop
The workshop will include the use of:

  • a blank piece of foamex board (for you to keep at the end of the Workshop)
  • a large selection of magazines and brochures for sourcing images and captions
  • a huge array of fabrics, materials and embellisments to add texture to your collage
  • glue and Scissors
  • plastic protective apron
  • Tea, coffee, squash and biscuits

A generous selection of images will be available, but it’s always good to add to our stock, so if you have any specific images you would like to use for your Collage, or any old magazines, greetings cards or embellishments which could be incorporated into our supply for others to use, please bring them along.

You may wish to bring a fleece or a throw for the Guided Meditation, and a cushion or two to support your back if required.

There is free parking at the venue, including Disabled parking spaces. Disabled toilet facilities are available.

I hope that that your participation in one of my Healing Collage Workshops will be a wonderful step on your healing journey … and be assured that I will be there to support you on your exciting adventure.

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