reiki healing
  • Are you feeling stressed and exhausted, at home or at work?
  • Are you feeling stuck, and unable to move forward in your life?
  • Are you struggling with grief, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, guilt, resentment or fear?

Reiki is the natural way to release pain, stress and anxiety from your body. I have been working with energy healing for many years, and I never cease to be amazed by the magic of this wonderful process of helping people to heal from the inside out.

We all carry around unwanted ‘stress’ in our bodies – those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, which we absorb on a daily basis throughout our lives. So many people come to me feeling ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward. This feeling may relate to their home life, work, relationships, or simply that they don’t know what their next step should be.

With Reiki energy healing, it’s possible to access these blockages and release them, thus removing the heaviness inside that can make you feel ‘weighed down’, and unable to move forward.

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reiki healing for pets and animals
Reiki for Pets & Animals

Reiki provides a gentle and natural approach to healing for all pets and animals, and it’s wonderful to see the instant calm in most animals as soon as healing is given.

Healing with animals does not need to be hands-on, and can be given from a distance if necessary.

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workplace wellbeing
Workplace Wellbeing
  • Do you want to relieve stress and tension in the workplace?
  • Do you want to reduce staff absence and increase productivity?
  • Are you or your business ‘stuck in a rut’, and unable to make the progress you want?
  • Do you want to increase staff morale and motivation?

My mission is to work with organisations from the top down, and from the inside out… incorporating members of staff at every level into the healing process – changing self-limiting mind-sets, raising energy levels and clearing any blockages and distortions which may be holding back individual members of staff, or the organisation as a whole, from moving forward.

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