Healing Collage Workshop

What a wonderful morning spent with a lovely group of ladies, creating MASTERPLANS of their perfect life.  After an explanation of Reiki and how energy affects not only us, but everyone and everything around us, I explained the Universal Law of Attraction – how thoughts become things.

The aim of the Workshop was to truly let go of what we DON’T want so that we can focus on what we truly DO want.  After a meditation and Reiki Energy Healing, the amazing MASTERPLANS started to emerge, as we browsed through magazines and so many relevant words and images jumped off the pages.  We had so much fun sharing our thoughts and ideas – oh, and lots of singing too as we listened to some lovely music to keep the energy vibrations nice and high throughout the morning.

Everyone was thrilled with their MASTERPLANS, and are excited to start manifesting the life they desire and the life they truly deserve.

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