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" Seeing your Heart through Art "



" To support and encourage emotional healing through Art and creative expression for those living with pain, grief, fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, stress and so much more. "

Healing Art Workshop Testimonials


I came to Jackie’s Healing Art workshop with curiosity but a little nervous too, wondering what am I going to paint. Having to let go of expectations and go with a blank canvas. What if I made a mistake and spoilt the picture!
Jackie created a beautiful space of healing, support and creativity. The group was a lovely mix of people from the youngest being 19 to the oldest being 81! The opening meditation was very relaxing and I could feel the healing energies starting to work within me. It was interesting to see the emotional patterns that came up, and how I was able to let go of these as I put paint to canvas. Jackie was loving and attentive, and it was wonderful to have her come round and give healing whilst we painted, which enabled me to embrace more healing.
I really enjoyed the day of transformation and I now feel delighted and proud of my creation. Thank you so much Jackie for such a beautiful healing day. I highly recommend this to get in touch with your creativity, and to release any blocks around expressing yourself.

Sarah Sonraya Grace - Poole

I attended the ‘Healing Your Heart Through Art' workshop recently with Jackie and that's exactly what happened - my heart healed!
Such a heart-warming experience and powerful shift, which I had been holding onto for a long time. I had a further Reiki treatment with Jackie a day or so later, and again had another powerful shift of healing - being able to take back my power.
If you are serious about healing yourself, Jackie is the lady to do it. Jackie has an open heart, whilst having the power and passion to heal the Mind, Body and Spirit, to be able to help them harmonise together again in everyday life.
Thank-you Jackie I can't wait until next time! X

Sally – West Sussex

I went into the workshop with an open mind having not done this before. The workshop leaders were so warm and hospitable, and I immediately felt a connection with them - as if I'd arrived at some kind of spiritual reunion!
There was so much attention to detail in the snacks and drinks (with gluten free and vegan options included) as well as the art supplies (high quality paints, metallic colours, decorations, glitter, crystals - I even saw mini starfishes).
The most memorable part of the experience for me was the one-to-one sessions with Jackie and the reiki healing that she gave me throughout the day. Jackie was understanding of my situation, and I felt that I could instantly trust her. I'm so thankful for Jackie and also for Gilly for being so encouraging and supportive during the day with my painting - how fortunate to have this workshop so close to where I live. I would 100% recommend it!

Nico Vernetti - Mudeford

Thank you Jackie for the wonderful day on Saturday. It was lovely to be a part of something that was so genuine and with people who were sincere and like-minded. I got a great deal from the art therapy and enjoyed having the opportunity to be in touch with my free adult. To be encouraged and so warmly invited to experiment and explore the emotions through art was very healing in itself. Looking at what I produced and then relating it back to the Chakras handout was very interesting as I had given myself permission to work intuitively as opposed to trying to make something in particular and the result was quite surprising but also revealing.

Jill - Fordingbridge


I had a wonderful day doing healing art, and also received Reiki - it was so relaxing.
Jackie is so lovely, warm, open and positive. I would recommend her Healing Art to anyone considering it. You won't be disappointed.
Thank so much Jackie.

Sue - Lyndhurst

I know Jackie from having had Reiki treatments with her and was excited to hear of her Healing Art direction! I was slightly nervous as I wasn't sure whether I could spend an entire day painting and what on earth would I paint?
The room the workshop was in was a beautiful light studio. We each had a good sized desk filled with art materials (including a large box of acrylics to take away at the end of the day). There were infinite amounts of tea, coffee and goodies for all and beautiful music playing in the background all day.
The day started with a lovely introductory talk from Jackie and then a meditation to get us in the right frame of mind for painting. We then started painting, each person consumed in their own canvas. There was a huge table in the centre of the room filled with embellishments for our works of art.
I had the most enjoyable day. It was pure luxury to have a day to paint and create amongst lovely people. Jackie is a beautiful presence facilitating the day and it was totally worth the Self Investment.
I have already signed up to the next workshop and am bringing friends.
It would be a fab birthday treat for someone or an idea for an alternative bunch of hens for a hen do....anyone with a creative streak would love it but you don't have to be able to paint to enjoy it.
I wish Jackie (a talented artist in her own right) all of the best with this venture.
She is a gift to the world.

P - Lymington

Hi Jackie,
I just want to thank you from the bottom ( middle and top) of my heart for your healing art workshop yesterday.
I thought I was feeling so strong about the grief that's plaguing me at the moment. From arrival I felt the facade crumbling! Lovely hugs, beautiful place to meet, gentle music. I didn't stand a chance! I think I needed a really good cry.
I remember going to art groups and classes and feeling pressure to create. And often binning my messes on the way home! This wasn't about 'art', an intellectual exercise to create a particular something. It truly was about expressing ourselves direct from soul to canvas. I thought I might have to fake that part!
Your lovely words and beautiful guided mediation began and the tears began to flow. I felt so much starting to move inside myself. Then when we began to paint I just couldn't stop with grabbing the colours, the sponges, the canvas and sweeping, dabbing and even scrubbing with fury. Where did those pink polyfilla wiggles come from? At first it was abstract, agitated. But not black, which I thought it might be! Gradually I wanted smoother, calmer marks on my canvas. It just evolved.
I've never been quite as thrilled with the creative process! At the end I felt calm, serene and strong. I'm looking at my canvas now and wondering how it happened.
Jackie, I'm a sceptic, a journalistic empiricist. But whatever somebody believes, you quite simple worked some magic in that place. The warmth and giving in your heart tapped into all of our souls and I for one felt soooo good!
Loads of love - thank you.

Nicky – Poole


I would like to share with you all my first experience of Art Therapy, which I attended on Sunday 12th of March with Jackie. I must say I didn’t know quite what to expect, but when I got there it was lovely - just like Christmas, with packets of paints, canvas, brushes, of course some sparkles, your own little space to paint, such a sense of calm and wonderful people.
I have never painted on a canvas or been very artistic really, so you may ask why I wanted to go: I believe the Angels were guiding me.
In the back of my mind I thought I could paint a fantastic picture; I used to like to doodle, so I thought it would be easy. In my mind I had this beautiful picture I wanted to paint, but what I put on the Canvas was a messy blue, very untidy which I am not. Oh you should have seen all the pictures that everyone else painted, they were absolutely beautiful. So I guess I left a bit upset with my painting that looked so messy to me, I even hid the picture when I got home.
But please let me tell how I am feeling now, Tuesday 14th March. My painting is a huge message to me that My life is in a big mess and I have to sort it out. And through Jackie’s Reiki, and Art Therapy, the picture that I have painted now makes me smile, I feel lighter, I feel great.
I have been suffering pain in my Left side for Two Years, keeping me awake at night, very limited at times with working. With extensive tests with the Doctors they still don’t know what’s causing it! Well, Jackie did a lot of clearing with her Reiki, and the pain is now easing. For the first time in Two years I have woken up with just slight pain. I really look forward to Art Therapy and Reiki with Jackie.
My message to you all out there is that it doesn’t really matter if you can paint or not, this is a wonderful experience for anyone to try. The painting side is so wonderful, very relaxing and you have to just do your own thing, and not compare your work to others as I did, because we all have our own style.
Who knows, my next piece of Art will be a masterpiece.
So to Jackie Thank You from the bottom of my heart - see you soon.

Lynne - Ringwood


I really want to thank you for holding the Healing Art Workshop last Saturday.
I hadn't picked up a paint brush since my much younger school days and was, I have to say a little apprehensive, as art is not my "thing". I had a totally enlightening day and came away with not one but 2 pieces of my own work.
The meditation gave me the mindset to take to the canvas. The other ladies on the workshop were lovely and the atmosphere very relaxed. The amount of embellishments and paint colours etc you provide is brilliant. I have even been and bought some supplies to have a go at home. I can't recommend this workshop enough.
Thanks again.

Jude - Ringwood

I have just spent the most wonderful day today feeding my Soul through art with Jackie Howchin's guidance and encouragement. I love art but never gift myself the time to do it. So to spend the day at this Healing Art Workshop was complete joy for me.
Everything about the day was so well organised. Relaxing music, an introductory talk encouraging our real self to create, a beautiful meditation infused with Reiki energy. And then we started our creations.
The canvas was supplied, gloves, aprons, easel, all the brushes and every paint colour you could imagine. Sparkles, buttons, shells ... literally everything needed to 'create'.
We all chatted enjoying each others company, encouraging each other and Jackie came round to us individually and gifted us Reiki Healing while we carried on ... but only if we were happy to receive it, which we all were. Drinks and snacks were provided all day, including a beautifully cleansing water made up of Lime, Lemon, Mint & Cucumber.
It really was one of the the most loving and wonderful experiences I have ever encountered on a workshop. So much thought and preparation had gone into it and we came away with a piece of art and our own paints to continue art at home. I completely recommend this day with Jackie ♥ A true gift to Self ♥ xxxx.

Jackie - Southampton


I arrived at the workshop not knowing what to expect but looking forward to having a day that I could enjoy - a day to myself. I arrived to find everything organised in the room - all workstations ready and lovely soothing music playing in the background. And then, Jackie welcomed us all and hugged us - such a lovely way to start a healing art day. While waiting for everyone to arrive, we made hot drinks and introduced ourselves to each other. Then this magical day began...
We had a guided meditation and then began to get creative with the materials in front of us. I had not expected to feel such calm and peace as I created my artwork and let myself relax into the day. Jackie is so nurturing and looked after each and every one of us, caring for our emotional and spiritual needs as well as providing us with refreshments. I felt safe and supported throughout the whole day.
I realise how powerful the experience was for me to be able to express myself through art - facilitated by Jackie who is an amazing reiki practitioner and a genuinely lovely person. I am still feeling the energy and zest that I experienced on my art day.
Thank you Jackie for providing me with a truly restorative, creative, spiritual and amazing experience. I look forward to creating more pieces of art work.

Tara - Bournemouth


What can I say about the healing art workshop I attended last Saturday AMAZING! (FB – YES)
I attended not knowing anyone apart from Jackie, and felt very welcome by like-minded ladies who I had never met before - greeted with a hug and a much needed cup of tea.
I went not knowing what to expect. The room looked fabulous, all set out, and there was some lovely soothing music which made me feel relaxed.
I was expecting to paint my logo for my business as it is so spiritual and full of colour BUT that's not what my guide and angels wanted me to paint at all. I did art at school and got a B grade in my GCSE’s but haven't picked up a paint brush in years. So wasn't expecting much.
Jackie made everyone feel welcome, and went through a guided meditation which totally changed how I was feeling … my heart suddenly started to hurt and my tummy was full of butterflies - I felt a lot of emotion inside me. As soon as she said “you can start painting now” I was surprised what came out. I was very emotional, as I've had a very difficult time as a single mother bringing up 4 children, and especially struggled with my eldest boy who has ADHD and Aspergers! I have lately been feeling quite unsettled feelings towards him because of his behaviour. He is now 18 and currently struggling with life as a young adult not knowing where he wants to go in life! And I've experienced him being quite violent too so you can only imagine my emotions.
After about an hour of painting I felt a big sigh of release, and knew what I wanted to paint. It wasn't what I had in mind at all, but had an amazing outcome. It showed my journey with my family and also how my business in helping others and healing gives me energy and strength to carry on in life, as I can totally understand how some parents end up as alcoholics or wanting to commit suicide. I felt happy and surrounded by light.
Jackie was amazing refuelling us all day with snacks and drinks, and I would highly recommend her workshop. I also felt a sense of achievement. So I've booked myself and my two daughters on the next workshop in April. I can't wait.
But the most amazing thing was when I got home! I couldn't believe how calm and serene it felt. Sam wasn't shouting as he usually does, and the other two where calmly doing their own thing. A while after I was home I managed to sit down with a cuppa and have a full blown conversation with Sam. It was fascinating and very rarely happens, he helped me with dinner and we sat down at the dinner table to eat and we all spoke civil which never happens. I was totally amazed it felt great. And to this day it's still ok too, and I've hung the paining in the lounge now as Sam spends most of his time in there. And I can still feel the energy from the painting. It was going to take pride of place in my salon, but because it's been so positive I've kept in the house.
So thank you Jackie for such a great experience and I can't wait for the next one.

Karen - Bournemouth

I had the great joy and privilege to attend Jackie Howchin's Healing Art Workshop in Bournemouth at the weekend. I am a complete novice, having never put brush to canvas in my life, but I decided to go along with an open mind and heart and no expectations and just see what happened.
The venue was excellent, plenty of parking, the art room was superb - spacious and light - and we each had our own table with easel, canvas, paints, brushes etc. with a centre table with every colour of paint plus an amazing array of embellishments. In fact everything we could want or need was provided.
Jackie welcomed us all very warmly, gave a short introductory talk about Reiki and energy and then led us all in a beautiful meditation to open our chakras to allow the energy to flow. She checked our chakras at this point to see if any chakras were still blocked and then we were free to start.
At this point I had absolutely no idea what I was going to paint! However, a colour came to me, so I painted. Each step of the way just seemed to flow. It was an incredible experience, because the canvas filled almost by magic, and I was astonished and delighted with the end result. I might even hang it on my wall!
I did not understand my painting till later that evening.
I suffered a deep trauma last year and, as I was looking at my picture, I realised that my canvas reflected my journey from unbearable sadness to a sense of acceptance and finally to a realisation that there is still light and joy, so long as you allow it to arise. I had quite literally painted out my grief. It was a very cathartic experience.
Jackie is the most wonderful healer, teacher and facilitator. She was there to help, if it was needed, but did not 'instruct' us - just offered gentle guidance and encouragement. At the end of the day, Jackie checked our chakras again and they were all spinning freely.
I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful experience to everyone. I loved every moment of the day and did not want it to end. A beautiful, nurturing and healing experience. Thank you Jackie.

Gilly, Dorset

I had a really lovely day on Saturday with Jackie Howchin on her Healing Art workshop. Can't believe what was achieved in a day! After a guided meditation we were inspired to get really creative. I became totally engrossed and 'lost myself ' in my painting. As a therapist myself It felt wonderful to have a day just for me and enjoy the creative process as my painting evolved, it was so very therapeutic and healing. Jackie not only provided a glorious array of art materials, but she also included some personal reiki healing too.
Jackie is clearly a very experienced, gifted and professional practitioner. Her presence was supportive, encouraging and not at all intrusive, which means my piece of personal art is completely unique to me, as were all the other beautiful artworks produced in the day. How special is that!
Such a very enjoyable, relaxing and satisfying day. I would thoroughly recommend attending Jackie Howchin's Healing Art workshop to anyone and everyone, I certainly look forward to attending one again myself sometime in the future. Loved it!

Joy - Dorset

What an amazing art day filling the canvases with love, healing and joy.
Your Workshop was superb Jackie. I loved the meditations, reiki and loads of fabulous stuff provided for us to play with! You are truly inspiring, and a wonderful facilitator.
It was an awesome experience, and was so inspiring that I've been shopping today to buy an easel and supplies, so that I can do this at home ... so much more fun to be had. I've no idea what I will be painting yet - it will just evolve organically. I love my new found arty skill.
Thank you - I believe you have opened up a new avenue for us all to explore more of ourselves.

Denise - Poole

I experienced a lot of healing at this event. As you know my heart chakra was blocked and your powerful Reiki helped me to shift that blocked energy in a safe environment. I am very grateful for your support in encouraging and supporting me in that release. I am also delighted with the iconic picture that I painted as a result of my energy shift and this will always remind me of the possibilities that can from being open to healing. I can recommend this event to anyone who wants to explore healing through the medium of art and Reiki. Thank You.

Elizabeth – Southampton

A fab day with beautiful people. Thank you.

Erica – Leicester

Healing Art Testimonials

A couple of weeks ago my 5 year old son Alex made friends with a lady selling her art work at the Holistic Fayre in the Lighthouse Poole. She was also running a competition to win a print of her artwork. A few days later a beautiful picture of a Red Heart Tree arrived in the post, and I’ve just had it framed. It arrived the same day that I sold a picture I have owned for 15 years with an image of a broken heart on it, so the full heart has taken the broken heart’s place … how amazing is that - and the best thing of all, is this picture has bought me a new friend! Who happens to be a brilliant artist, Jackie Howchin thank you Jackie, I love my picture and so does Alex.

Laura - Poole

I love my painting of the beach – it’s hanging in my bedroom so that I see it as soon as I wake up every morning.

Sue - Bournemouth

You’re so amazing and talented and I'm really proud to have you in my life as a healer and teacher


We are loving our piece of beautiful Healing Art. The ‘Focus’ tree which you designed just for us is perfect – helping to clear our busy heads so that we can think clearer, and stay focused. Thank you


Your art is wonderful. Keep shining


Your work is fantastic Jackie - can I get in the queue for a unique peace of healing art please


Your art is beautiful and very powerful - I am sure that you will sell many paintings to people experiencing "love at first sight" - well done


What a beautiful role model you are to us all who want to grow – making our dreams a reality. Your art is beautiful


Jackie your work is amazing and so beautiful. Thank you


Congratulations on this beautiful brave step to share your healing art. Your work is exceptional, and the world deserves to know about it


Loving your work Jackie. It’s wrong to keep this beautiful talent to yourself


Your art is an absolute inspiration to everyone who sees it, and the idea of starting Healing Art Workshops is the best idea I have seen in ages. Each painting I look at makes my heart jump, which of course is spirit telling me how beautiful they are and how connected you are. Well done Jackie, keep up the good work and keep many more people happy


Wow Jackie they are all really gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how spirit inspire us and lead us to positive places in our lives. When we listen to them we can achieve miracles. Good luck with your new venture. Dream big and build mountains


Well done Jackie. Your paintings are all beautiful, from the heart


Your paintings are all fantastic – I can’t choose which one to buy


Wow wow wow – I have such a talented sister!


I’m so blessed to have a Jackie Howchin original A beautiful seascape. Good luck with your venture Jackie … not that you will need luck!


Your paintings are all so beautiful Jackie. How wonderful to find such a gift


Your artwork is stunning


Your paintings are so beautiful and meaningful


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