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Even after just one session, I was feeling reborn

When I came for my first Reiki session I didn't even realise how much it would help me. Jackie has managed to do an amazing job from the very first day, making me feel at ease when talking about my history with social anxiety and panic attacks. Even after just one session, I was feeling reborn, having all of my chakras fully open. I was finally able to fully express myself and enjoy being in social situations - something I haven't had the chance to feel in many years. After taking a few more sessions, I feel that I have improved in every single aspect of my life, as well as finally put an end to all my social anxiety and panic attacks. I am extremely grateful for the healing received. Thank you once again!

Raul - Romania

I knew I needed help – and having had Reiki before, knew what a beautiful energy therapy it can be

Jackie is a real treasure and one fab chick!
When I went to see Jackie I was really struggling with various difficult issues in my life. Boyfriend issues (whether to move in with him or not) issues with a few shocks from a parent’s illness and difficult relatives, plus a lot of residual stress from work had all taken their toll and I’d been awash in negative emotions, anxiety, and struggling to come back to the ‘old me’.
I knew I needed help – and having had Reiki before, knew what a beautiful energy therapy it can be. Meeting Jackie was wonderful. She is a very down-to-earth and lovely, caring lady. Her approach to healing is very thorough – she is very warm and caring and will do her utmost to help. She helped me to see a little more clearly some good first steps to take to coming back to myself.
Her intuition is very strong, and she honed in straight away on the people around me who were problematic and draining my energy, and which chakras were blocked, etc. She also was able to trace a physical injury I had to a time when experiencing problems which were affecting me emotionally. (All of this made absolute sense to me – it’s only Western medicine which often takes injuries etc. in isolation and doesn’t think to link them to other issues we may be struggling with, whether they be emotional/psychological and/or spiritual.) She also gave me advice on additional steps I could take to heal.
Jackie injects enthusiasm, love and care into her work, and you get much more help and care than you would usually from a Reiki session – she really does go above and beyond to help you. And it’s a treat to receive the Reiki – it’s like a bath of warm energy.
If you are considering having an energy healing, I would recommend Jackie wholeheartedly – you’ll be in good hands. Thank-you, Jackie.

Sarah – Salisbury

Jackie helped me to understand how I can use my new found knowledge

I visited Jackie for a coffee and a chat about life, she has a real wisdom which I found fascinating about the start of her spiritual journey and she really helped me understand where I was on this path. Jackie helped me to understand how I can use my new found knowledge and not be worried by it. She has a very calming influence and just being in her presence makes me feel relaxed and safe and loved.
Jackie then gave me a Reiki session, I’ve had Reiki before but not felt anything from it, but as soon as Jackie started I could feel my forehead and face tingling. It was the strangest but nicest of feelings, I could literally feel her energy as she moved down my body, each area where she hovered I could sense a pulling sensation as if energy was being pulled from me and dispelled out of my body. I went into a deep state of relaxation and just enjoyed the new sensation of feeling her energy pulling on mine.
After the session, I asked Jackie what had happened, she said she was drawing negative energy from my body and drawing it down through my legs and out of the soles of my feet - and without once touching me. It was bizarre that I could actually feel this, but also I felt open and freer once she had finished opening my Chakras.
Overall it was an enlightening experience that left me feeling blissed out. Jackie has a gift that I will be tapping into again and can thoroughly recommend her should anyone feel they need Reiki or life guidance on spiritual matters.

Laura - Poole

You took my life in your hands, and guided me back

Dear Jackie,
When I came to you, I knew I needed help. I was very honest with you regarding my past and present troubles, in relation to just where I was in my life. You listened and understood that I was in a place where I didn't want to be. So you took my life in your hands, and guided me back to a place where I was able to find my old self, and to where I desperately wanted to be. I have followed your guidance and have emerged from the darkness into a much brighter place. All my thanks go to you.
Thank you for your love and kindness

John - Fordingbridge

You are tons better than any anti-depressant!

I just wanted to thank you for totally changing my life in just 4 weeks!
I came to you in the depths of depression, with no light at the end of the tunnel. It is as if you have removed my dark glasses and changed them for rose tinted ones!
I can't go so far as to say I'm 'happy', but I'm so contented and have so much more energy. I can do jobs I've been putting off, and this cheers me up too. I don't understand half of what you are telling me about blocked 'chakras ' etc but, hey, it works!
You are amazing and I wish everyone with depression or pain could come to you and have their lives changed too! You are tons better than any anti-depressant!
Love you lots!

C – Bournemouth

Now my future is bright not black

Where do I start…… I have Fibromyalgia. I am badly disabled with its pain and all its other symptoms. I was a nurse for 20 years. This illness stole that from me. I can't care for my 2 year old son and therefore my partner cannot work as he is carer for both of us. I cannot walk any distance. A quick trip to the local shop destroys me. To say I was weighed down, depressed and defeated was an understatement. I felt useless, worthless and a burden. I met Jackie after my Mum contacted her as she was desperate to find a treatment that would help me. Up until recently I would have rolled my eyes at the idea. Being an ICU nurse my whole world has been founded in science and technology. The moment I met Jackie I felt her energy, her empathy and I cried. There on the street. I looked at her and asked what she had done?? Lol I can honestly say I was utterly broken when I met Jackie. Now after just 2 sessions I can say I'm not. After the first session I was drained, but the next day!!!! Wow!!! I was buzzing!! I hadn't felt that good in so long I actually couldn't believe it! My Mum was overjoyed to see such a change in me, like I said I couldn't believe it myself. Of course the Fibro didn't disappear, I did what we all do on a good day, I ran around like a loon and completely overdid it. Paid for it the next day. You know what though? I didn't care!!! I had seen a glimmer of hope. The actual possibility of me not being crippled existed!!! My mum had paid for 2 sessions for me so I couldn't WAIT for my next session and had done my homework as set by Jackie lol Oh wow. This time I was so receptive to Jackie’s treatment that I actually felt the energy flow through me. Its mad, and trust me I wouldn't have believed it possible, but its true. I didn't have the same wow buzz effect the next day, this time I wanted to sleep sleep and sleep. Thing is though, despite not having that big BAM result again, I have noticed an overall reduction in my pain. I'm waiting on a new drug therapy and with this I have to REDUCE my painkillers!! I should be in AGONY!! I'm not!! I'm in pain yes, I'm exhausted yes, I still have Fibromyalgia, but I'm also positive about the future now. As an aside I have also discovered that my healing days may not be over…..turns out I have a natural affinity with the healing energies associated with Reiki. Now my future is bright not black. Thanks to my mum and Jackie. I love them both

Jo - Ireland

I can see the wood from the trees once more!

The biggest thanks to Jackie who I’ve just had a Reiki session with. Wow I feel better!! Fantastic to be able to talk to someone so spiritually connected, in-tune and intuitive. She helped me make sense of so much that's been going on lately, offering numerous lightbulb moments too! Wow, the Reiki was so powerful and much needed. I feel back in my power again, refreshed, enlightened, topped up, healed, nurtured and loved. Thank you Jackie, the timing of today’s session was perfect, and I am so hugely grateful to you. I can see the wood from the trees once more!

Sam - Poole

I went into my session half a person and left feeling I had won the lottery

I went to my reiki session not really knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I felt broken, stressed and had a heavy heart. As soon as Jackie put her hands on my head I felt the weight lift and immediately felt lighter but was unprepared for the other gifts that were to come later....

Plagued with a difficult decision about life and work, I had a miraculous phone call later that evening that solved all of my concerns and preserved my peace. I went into my session half a person and left feeling I had won the lottery.... The universal energy worked in every conceivable way to make me feel whole again. Thank you Jackie so very very much xxx

Sharon - Poole

You made me believe in myself again

Thank you Jackie. You have been such an important part of me growing and changing, and for that I will never stop thanking you.

You made me believe in myself again because of your complete and natural ability to heal, encourage and strengthen all those around you that you love, because it just oozes out of you!!

Thank you xxxx

C - Bournemouth

Enjoying every moment of teaching Reiki is what life is all about

Loving your Reiki and enjoying every moment of teaching Reiki is what life is all about my darling, helping others to appreciate the benefits of your experience and learning to make their life so much better. If they carry on and treat others only half as much as you do, they will grow stronger and get so much more from life. Well done sweetheart - keep it going xxx.

John Mason – your very proud Father and Reiki Master

Reiki Level 2 Training Course

Undertaking the Reiki Level 2 Attunement with Jackie Howchin, I found Jackie’s approach very professional with some excellent advice and direction based on her Reiki knowledge and past experience. Additionally, Jackie also provided sound direction on the legalities and ethics of Reiki as well. My personal development has been enhanced to a high degree and, based on the sound advice and wisdom imparted by her, I feel well placed to set up my own Reiki practice.

Bob - Ringwood

Reiki Level 1 Training Course

It has been seven days since I had my attunement and I shared the day with you completing my level 1 reiki. I have experienced so much negativity the last six months and have struggled to cope with accepting my illness. That has dramatically changed. I feel energised lighter and in a bubble that I feel nobody can touch.

You are such a beautiful lady inside and out your energy is amazing. Your passion for this wonderful gift shines brightly. I cannot wait to progress to my level 2 and share this truly amazing gift to all those I care about. You have given me the confidence and belief to start living again as I should and I'm so happy to have been lead to you to be my mentor. Love and blessings to you and once again I cannot thank you enough. xxx

Clare - Bournemouth

Everything was explained to me in very clear and fine detail

Wow! Today I had my first ever Reiki session and I chose to use Jackie. As we all know, things happen for a reason so maybe I was supposed to meet her. ...and what a fabulous person she is.

Everything was explained to me in very clear and fine detail so that it could be easily understood. The actual session itself was exhilarating.
Jackie does not jump straight into the reiki part … she discusses everything and gets to the root of the issue. She is kind and sensitive and allows you to fully open up with any concerns or issues you have.

She is more than a reiki practitioner. She is more of a life guide /coach. Jackie is a pillar of strength and I am really looking forward to working with her to improve every area of my life.
Thank you Jackie … just for being you. xx

Sarah – Bournemouth

Reiki Level 1 Training Course

Dear Jackie, I'd like to thank you for such an enjoyable day with my Level One Reiki course. I found you very patient in going through things I was unsure of, and nothing was a problem - I did not want the day to end.

I went to the course to use Reiki on my animals, but I did not think for one minute that I would be looking to book my Reiki Level two course and then work towards my Reiki Master's degree. The literature I came away with has been invaluable, and any issues I've had since the course has been answered by you personally, either by phone or email.

To sum up, if anyone wants to learn the wonderful world of Reiki, and wants to learn with a teacher who will support you not just on the course dates but after when you get home, then I can highly recommend Jackie. If you're not sure, please feel free to contact me, as I did all the research to find the correct Reiki Teacher and was guided towards Jackie, which I have not once regretted. She is a truly wonderful Reiki Teacher. Thank you.

Miranda Neal - Bournemouth

I felt healed, understood, listened to, loved, safe and nurtured

Dear Jackie, I just wanted to say the biggest thank you. I have had Reiki in the past but have never experienced anything like the Reiki you gave me before! From start to finish my session was so helpful and I felt healed, understood, listened to, loved, safe and nurtured. You removed blocks I didn't even know I had and have assisted in getting me back walking my true path. I will be back, you truly are heaven sent and amazing, to say thank you just doesn't seem enough. I would highly recommend you to everyone, whatever they are going through. Fondest wishes. x

Sam - Poole

I was suffering from exhaustion, anxiety, frustration, headaches and couldn't sleep

I was struggling to cope with my busy work schedule, and was trying to push myself as hard as I could towards the promotion I’d always wanted. Unfortunately my body just seemed to give up on me due to all the stress that I was under at work. I was suffering from exhaustion, anxiety, frustration, headaches and couldn’t sleep -I started to feel really low. Work was just becoming too difficult to handle – I wasn’t able to give it my best because I was so exhausted. So I decided to try Reiki, having heard it was good for rebalancing the body. Jackie was amazing, she really helped me to understand why my body had gone into shut-down mode to protect itself from the stress I was under, and she helped me to shift lots of negative thoughts and feelings. I feel fantastic now, am really enjoying my work again … and I got my promotion! I see Jackie regularly now to make sure I never allow this to happen to my body again. I feel great. Thank you Jackie, I’m so glad I found you.

Elliott – ‘IT’ Professional, Bournemouth

My emotional state had not been right for some considerable time

Something was wrong, my emotional state had not been right for some considerable time. I thought I was on top of it until it proved me wrong. I am active in an adventure sport but had lost my bounce and confidence and was very apprehensive at the thought of partaking in an overseas expedition in a few weeks’ time. It was time for professional help.

Jackie understood and I came to realise that there was an identifiable cause for my troubles and, more importantly, a path to resolution. The cause of my troubles was identified quickly; baggage from a traumatic period of my past that I thought was well behind me. Through her knowledge and skills with Reiki, Jackie was able to get my healing process underway from the first session. She also advised me as to how I could help myself to assist my own improvement. I was surprised at how rapid my improvement was. Not only did I feel more in control of my emotional state but I was also being complemented on my skills within my sport. I got checked out for the forthcoming expedition with flying colours and on the expedition itself my skills were assessed as of a very high standard during some arduous conditions. This only came from the high level of self-confidence that Jackie had been able to impart to me.

Without Jackie and her skill with Reiki this would have been a rather different story. Thank you for putting me back on the right path, teaching me how to help myself and, most importantly, setting me up for the future.

Bob – Ashley Heath

Reiki Level 1 Training Course

I am writing to thank you for the Reiki Level 1 training you gave me on Tuesday. It was inspiring to witness your passion and enthusiasm for Reiki, importantly for me you also demonstrated this same passion for teaching the subject. It was truly evident that your motivation comes from your heart and not as is the case with so many, from the purse.

I had an amazing day, I will never forget it and it has opened a door to a different, more fulfilling life for me. I am eagerly looking forward to doing my Level 2 with you.

Thank you Jackie for being the wonderful you

Louise – Fordingbridge

A gruelling divorce and exhausted from the rigours of single parenting

I came to see Jackie a year on from a gruelling divorce and exhausted from the rigours of single parenting two daughters. I had survived, but I was incredibly weary and still very angry. As someone who is a 'coper' and who usually gets through life with grim determination and a breezy “I'm fine”, I recognised that I hadn't processed many of my feelings and the tools I was used to using i.e. my head, just weren't working for me anymore. Therefore I turned to Reiki as a means of bypassing my head, and working with myself at an energetic level. I was sceptical that it would make any kind of difference and half expected it to be a nice relaxation but nothing more. After the first session however, I experienced a profound shift in my feelings. I felt lighter, freer, more full of love and gratitude for my life and my daughters, less stressed and considerably more open. Thank you Jackie for the very intuitive, loving gift that you have. I will also be bringing my daughters to see you soon.

Anna – Alderholt

Lacking Self-Esteem and Self- Confidence

Jackie is incredibly warm and genuine and made me feel comfortable and relaxed straight away (which isn't easy for me!). She is insightful and understanding and has really helped me make such quick progress in a really short time. Her passion for Reiki is infectious. I'm so pleased I've met her and benefited from her positive influence!

Lauren – Christchurch

Training for Reiki Level 2

Dearest Jackie, Thank you so much for making my Reiki Level 2 training such a wonderful day. My energy levels feel very different after the Attunement, and I feel much lighter and more connected. I am really excited to start practicing. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and for taking the time to make the session so personal. I feel confident knowing that you are there if I have any questions or worries. I am so glad I found you as my Reiki Master.

Imogen - Fordingbridge

Emotional Trauma and Anxiety

After experiencing a huge emotional trauma, which left me unable to concentrate on day-to-day tasks, I had a beautiful session with Jackie which restored me back to a calm and balanced person, which was nothing short of a miracle. Jackie is my life-line, and I am able to call her for guidance and support in moments of crisis. I value her so much that I travel from Switzerland to see her.

Elizabeth - Switzerland

Anxiety and Stress leading to Bulimia

I was referred to Jackie by a relative who had also been suffering from anxiety and stress. I had already seen the amazing effect that Jackie had on her, and I decided to try Reiki for myself. After just one session I felt so much more positive and confident. Jackie has a wonderful ability to make you feel like she has all the time in the world for you, and puts you at ease instantly. I’m so privileged to have met her and would highly recommend Reiki with her to anyone.
Thanks Jackie.

L – Bournemouth

Post Traumatic Stress, Insomnia and a Nightmare State

If you are reading these testimonials because you're looking for evidence that this may help you or may work for you then I'm glad I've written this, as this is why I went to see Jackie first. I was going through a horrible post-traumatic stress/insomnia/nightmare state and, having tried various treatments including antidepressants, was still trying to find My Self again. I'd read another client's testimonial and it seemed genuine so I called her. Jackie is a wonderful lady and therapist. Her help has completely turned my life around and I am privileged to recommend her as a therapist and healer. If you are prepared to put some work in yourself, she will absolutely help you to make your life better.
I can't thank her enough… she's great. XX.

P - Bournemouth

I now feel unbroken and unblocked

Thank you is not enough … but it’s the only words I have. Thank you for making me feel unbroken and unblocked. Thank you for your fantastic words of encouragement. Thank you! You are a beautiful soul, inside and out. I hope you see what I can see – and that you realise just how much you are worth. I am so blessed to know you. THANK YOU!.

Fiona – Yeovil

Because of you my fabulous life has just started

Dearest Jackie, You haven’t just changed my life – because of you my fabulous life has just started. A million thank you’s and life-long gratitude. You’re a special, special lady.

Ann – Wimborne

My Husband died of Cancer

My husband died of cancer and I was a lost soul with no direction. I saw Jackie's advert and thought why not. With the correct presence of mind we are capable of doing anything and Jackie restored my confidence and want to join the world again.
From the first session I was relaxed and Jackie has the capability to make you feel like your the only person who is important. She listens and cares for her clients with a true passion. The power of positive thought is a wonderful state of mind and with Jackie's help I have achieved not only direction but also a desire for life.
I will never stop missing my husband but with Reiki and Jackie I can now face the world with my head held high. The deep relaxation is an all comsuming therapy and very enjoyable.
We should all have a Jackie in our lives.

Judith - Ringwood

Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics - damage to my nervous system

I discovered reiki with Jackie a few months ago at the Healing Festival at Bournemouth University, I was amazed by after just a 'taster' session how calm and relaxed I felt...I've since then been having monthly appointments with Jackie.
Three years ago I suffered an allergic reaction to an antibiotic which damaged my nervous system in my face, Jackie has helped me to remain calm, centred and focused, which with the busy and stressful life I lead, it is essential for me to remain in control of the discomfort I feel from my nerve endings. Each session has felt very beneficial, I now feel I have the discomfort in control, instead of it controlling me, feeling happier and more relaxed than I have felt for a long time. Throughout the treatment I can feel the heat flowing from Jackie’s hands, making me sink into a mellow feeling of warmth and happiness. I look forward to each treatment and continue to feel improvement each time. I can strongly recommend Jackie to anyone who like me is a victim of the modern busy life we all lead.

Janice – Poole

Exam Stress

I was lucky enough to discover Reiki during my exams at College. I hadn’t realized how stressed I was getting with all my revision and studying. Reiki helped to calm my nerves and give me a renewed energy – this helped me to cope with my exams and I’m pleased to say I did really well. I now have Reiki regularly to keep my energy balanced and boosted… it’s fantastic.

Elliott – Dorchester

Jackie is a natural healer who has a deep empathy with people from all walks of life. Many will continue to benefit from her outstanding work.

Sean – Bournemouth

Back Pain

I don’t really understand how Reiki works but it is really positive. It’s like magic and it really works. I think Jackie is wonderful!

Les – Southampton

Relationship Issues

I’m telling all my friends that Reiki is the way forward. I was ‘reiked’ by Jackie and the end result was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I left feeling so clear minded and stress free, and problems and issues kind of just sorted themselves out in my head which is I think pretty cool – my friends must have some of this.
Thanks again Jackie.

Norman – Bournemouth

A feeling of Serenity

There is something different about Jackies Reiki. I felt a complete serenity afterwards, something that I have not witnessed before.

John – Sherborne


My first Reiki healing with Jackie took the form of a taster session and so was only 15 minutes long; however, in that short time, I was completely won over. It is wonderful. I have since had an hour session and will be going back for more. Jackie is a wonderful, warm, caring, compassionate and empathetic healer. She put me completely at ease. I felt nurtured and completely safe and was totally relaxed throughout the session. The atmosphere is calming, soothing and very peaceful.
My healing session highlighted 3 areas/chakras that were blocked, so Jackie focused on those for me, and she confirmed that the rest of the chakras were clear and that my energy was flowing. We talked afterwards about the ways in which I could work towards freeing any 'stuck' energy and I shall continue to have further healing with Jackie. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Jackie. She is an amazing healer.

Gilly – Poole


One of the deepest states of relaxation I've experienced, I practically floated home. Definitely be back for more!

Will – Bournemouth

I just needed to relax more

Jackie is easily one of the best Reiki practitioners I have ever met. She combines a personable yet professional approach with fantastic results to ensure you receive the highest level of treatment. She will aid with physical and energetic issues in a safe and positive environment. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Andrew – Bournemouth


Just want to thank you for such an uplifting reiki session, I have had reiki in the past but from now on I will only be seeing you, I was positively floating after you worked on me and the difference in me was very noticeable by other people at the fayre afterwards. You have a natural gift and a natural good energy around you. I'm pleased beyond words I came to you. Thank you so much.

Fran - Christchurch

I was in Pain

I met Jackie at the Torquay 'Mind, body and spirit' fair and was so relaxed and happy in her presence - she is obviously a truly beautiful person with beautiful energy overflowing from her, which is experienced during her reiki. I felt very relaxed and uplifted afterwards. Just before meeting Jackie I had an aura and chakra photograph taken and Jackie identified and unblocked a chakra that had been causing me pain without even seeing the photo - which I think is testimony that her reiki really works! Thanks Jackie xx

Amy - Torquay

Relationship Problems

I was very sceptical about Reiki as a healing process and slightly apprehensive on arrival. I was made to feel very welcome and left feeling relaxed and invigorated. I don’t claim to know how Reiki really works, but I can definitely recommend it to anyone. All I can say is "Thank You" Jackie.

Simon – Bournemouth

Undiagnosed Pain

I had a reiki session with Jackie at Torquay, I was going through a very hard time with my health, my solar plexus was so blocked, and I found it really uncomfortable... before I even had the reiki Jackie had picked up this. Then I had the most amazing reiki session. I felt so great after, I really did, I would recommend reiki to anyone, but having it done by Jackie is out of this world. She is so talented at this, I found this truly helpful. Thank you Jackie.

Robert – Sherborne

Kidney Pain

I met Jackie at the Mind, Body and Spirit Fayre in Chard, and after just a half an hour of her treatment I felt great - in fact I still feel fluffy and warm, very calm. I have no back pain from my kidneys, which I have had for a long time, and I have an inner strength which I have found since the treatment. I will definitely have more treatment with you again in the future.
Many thanks Jackie.

Susan, Chard

Our Hyperactive and Stressed Dog

We contacted Jackie because our Yorkshire Terrier Milli was very hyperactive and sometimes showed signs of stress. After only three sessions she has calmed down considerably and seems much happier – although she is still a little excitable at times. This obviously makes us happier and more at ease. Milli seems to really enjoy the treatment she receives and it is lovely to see her more relaxed. Jackie seems to have a real empathy with Milli, you only have to see her working with Milli to realise this. We have already recommended Jackie to one of our friends as we are so very pleased with the progress she has made with Milli. Contacting Jackie was the best thing we could have done for all of us.

Ron and Daphne - Ringwood

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