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Reiki Training Courses

Anyone can learn this simple and wonderful healing therapy, which can help everyone, from all
backgrounds and all beliefs. Courses are held all year round and are usually taught in small groups
or individually, at times to fit in with your lifestyle (dates available during the week or weekends).

There are three main levels to Dr Mikao Usui's teachings and each level teaches you how to integrate
Reiki into your life. Please click on the relevant links below to read more about the courses:

Reiki First Degree – Level 1 - Self-Healing

Reiki Second Degree – Level 2 - Practitioner level

Reiki Master Degree – Level 3 - Master/Teacher

As a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, all courses are delivered to a very high standard and are
accompanied with full course notes. On completion of each course, you will receive a certificate and
copy of your Reiki lineage.

Level 1 Reiki Course

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Jackie. I did my Level 1 Reiki training with her on Saturday. I had an amazing day learning about Reiki and talking about it. Jackie taught us so much and shared her experiences with us which brought it all to life and made it so real and meaningful. I feel like I am on the start of an exciting journey.
I have been putting what I learned into practice and already I am learning more.
Thank you Jackie for the knowledge, wisdom and love that you shared with us so generously. I hope that I’ll be back soon for level 2."

Tara – Christchurch

"I have just done my Level 1 Reiki course with Jackie. It was an amazing day. Jackie is so warm, welcoming and generous with her time and experience. Her passion is contagious and I cannot wait to put into practice all that she has taught me so that I am able to do my Level 2.
Thanks so much Jackie."

Jacky - nr Fordingbridge

Level 3 Reiki Course

"Dear Jackie,
Felt I needed to drop you a note to thank you for all your help and advice given during the Level 3 Master Course I did with you recently.
When you want to learn something it’s not always easy to find a suitably qualified, knowledgeable and experienced teacher, when you also look for a teacher who has these qualities plus a passion for the subject they are teaching then the options are reduced further. I can honestly say that you, Jackie, are the perfect combination of all these qualities and some!
I left the Course with my passion for Reiki taken to new heights and you can’t help but learn and be inspired in your presence, you are a wonderful and inspirational person and I am so Blessed to have not only met you but have you as my Reiki Master and as a special friend.
Thank You Jackie for helping me and so many others."

Louise - Tidworth

Level 2 Reiki Course

"The day started well with a warm welcome and a very friendly and caring environment at Jackie’s home – the atmosphere was so relaxing with candles burning and soft music playing.
This one-day course is designed to lead on from the level 1 Reiki course and the first part of the day was devoted to ensuring an understanding and recall of the previous course (it had been nine years since I had taken Level 1 and many aspects were long forgotten). With just two students we were given plenty of opportunity to ask questions, which were all answered.
Jackie is very passionate about Reiki and this came through clearly. The day was sprinkled with anecdotes and practical advice and this was a hands-on course in every meaning of the word. There was plenty of time to go through the content and to practice reiki to ensure we had the confidence and ability to use the skills taught.
I can thoroughly recommend this course to everyone – I now regularly use a pendulum and I am about to use distance healing. Thank you, Jackie, for a very worthwhile and interesting course."

Janet Davies – Poole

"I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible Reiki Level 2 course that you delivered yesterday. It was not only insightful, well delivered, detailed and followed a wonderful lineage, but the practical elements were astonishing. As a result of your presence and guided meditation, you enabled me to reach realms in meditation that I have seldom been to. This for me, was confirmation that I was in the presence of a gifted healer. I was given my Spirit Guide's name (having been searching and asking for it for over ten years) and left with a feeling of total empowerment, peace and readiness to serve. I am also keen to put my new found knowledge into practice.... most unlike me, I usually sit on things for at least six months before feeling the desire to practice them!!! Warmest gratitude."

Sharon – Poole

"Undertaking the Reiki Level 2 Course and Attunement with Jackie Howchin, I found Jackie’s approach very professional with some excellent advice and direction based on her Reiki knowledge and past experience. Additionally, Jackie also provided sound direction on the legalities and ethics of Reiki as well. My personal development has been enhanced to a high degree and, based on the sound advice and wisdom imparted by her, I feel well placed to set up my own Reiki practice."

Bob - Ringwood

"Dearest Jackie, Thank you so much for making my Reiki Level 2 training such a wonderful day. My energy levels feel very different after the Attunement, and I feel much lighter and more connected. I am really excited to start practicing. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and for taking the time to make the session so personal. I feel confident knowing that you are there if I have any questions or worries. I am so glad I found you as my Reiki Master."

Imogen - Fordingbridge

"Dear Jackie, I'd like to thank you for such an enjoyable day with my Level One Reiki course. I found you very patient in going through things I was unsure of, and nothing was a problem - I did not want the day to end.

I went to the course to use Reiki on my animals, but I did not think for one minute that I would be looking to book my Reiki Level two course and then work towards my Reiki Master's degree. The literature I came away with has been invaluable, and any issues I've had since the course has been answered by you personally, either by phone or email.

To sum up, if anyone wants to learn the wonderful world of Reiki, and wants to learn with a teacher who will support you not just on the course dates but after when you get home, then I can highly recommend Jackie. If you're not sure, please feel free to contact me, as I did all the research to find the correct Reiki Teacher and was guided towards Jackie, which I have not once regretted. She is a truly wonderful Reiki Teacher. Thank you."

Miranda - Bournemouth

"It has been seven days since I had my attunement and I shared the day with you completing my level 1 reiki. I have experienced so much negativity the last six months and have struggled to cope with accepting my illness. That has dramatically changed. I feel energised lighter and in a bubble that I feel nobody can touch.

You are such a beautiful lady inside and out your energy is amazing. Your passion for this wonderful gift shines brightly. I cannot wait to progress to my level 2 and share this truly amazing gift to all those I care about. You have given me the confidence and belief to start living again as I should and I'm so happy to have been lead to you to be my mentor. Love and blessings to you and once again I cannot thank you enough. xxx"

Clare - Bournemouth

"I am writing to thank you for the Reiki Level 1 training you gave me on Tuesday. It was inspiring to witness your passion and enthusiasm for Reiki, importantly for me you also demonstrated this same passion for teaching the subject. It was truly evident that your motivation comes from your heart and not as is the case with so many, from the purse.

I had an amazing day, I will never forget it and it has opened a door to a different, more fulfilling life for me. I am eagerly looking forward to doing my Level 2 with you.

Thank you Jackie for being the wonderful you."

Louise – Fordingbridge

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