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Inspirational Art infused with Love and Reiki Energy Healing

" Seeing your Heart through Art "



" To support and encourage emotional healing through Art and creative expression for those living with pain, grief, fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, stress and so much more. "

My story

We don’t plan for illness, injury or life-changing situations, and these experiences often catch us by surprise and can dramatically change our lives. When this happens, we may need to find a new way of living for a period of time. It can be a stark realisation when you are no longer physically or mentally able to cope. This is what happened to me when I needed spinal surgery following an accident.

The spinal surgery didn’t quite go as planned, because the surgeon discovered that a sharp piece of bone from my spine had lodged itself into my spinal cord. This had to be removed and I sustained severe nerve damage to my left leg and foot, with numbness and sciatica. I didn’t do as I was told and rest for 8 weeks, simply because I was stubborn and, being self-employed, couldn’t really afford to take such a long time off work. This was to my detriment, as I undid all the good work of the surgeon, and just 7 months later I underwent even more extensive spinal surgery and had a spinal fusion in my lower back to stop my crumbling spine. As before, further nerve damage was sustained (this time to my right leg and foot) and more severe sciatica. Add to this the onset of incredibly painful Bursitis in both hips, and 4 months’ recuperation (when I was not able to work) and I was at my absolute lowest. I tried to be my usual positive self, focusing on all the wonderful things in my life, but a year later I realised that my life was now permanently limited (in my eyes anyway). I was no longer able to walk very far, go running, go to the gym and – more importantly for me – dance! I couldn’t even do my housework or ironing. I suddenly hit a wall and became very low and depressed... I had no reserves left and gave in to the pain and couldn’t see a way forward.

A further life-changing event occurred when my partner of many years suddenly left me. For some reason, unknown to me, I went straight out and bought a canvas and some paints and created my first piece of art. I have no idea where this inspiration came from, as I have never been able to draw or paint – I failed art miserably at school! An abstract painting of the sea emerged from inside of me, and I felt a huge connection with Reiki healing energy whilst I was working… my sacral, throat and solar plexus were buzzing. I experienced a huge sense of relief and well-being throughout the whole process, and a massive feeling of pride at the end of the day. I was really surprised at what I had achieved, and found the whole experience profoundly healing.

A few weeks later I bought another canvas - again with no idea what I was going to paint - and a Meadow emerged, with loads of texture and a sunrise and trees – I was buzzing with so much energy and I was again amazed at the results, and felt incredibly light-hearted and happy. I had found a way of healing the pain, emotional hurt and grief deep within me. The magic of healing art was created, and I now get very excited when I am drawn to buy another blank canvas to see what I will create next.

Instead of waiting for my healing to occur, I now create the opportunity to heal myself through my art, and a positive outcome is achieved quickly and easily. My interaction with art now provides me with a break from the pain and stress of daily life. It allows me to create an exciting adventure full of release, and dissolves my pain, rather than allowing it to overwhelm me and destroy my sense of self.

I now so passionately want to help others to heal, through a combination of Reiki Energy and Healing Art – allowing others to experience art and self-expression as a wonderful source of self-healing. Scientific studies show that art can heal by changing a person’s physiology, emotional state and their perception of pain - add to this the healing energy and love infused into each of my paintings, and the magic of Healing Art is created.

With each painting full of texture, my Healing Art is designed for you to touch and feel the wonderful healing energies coming from them.

We are all inner artists and inner healers!

You just need to be willing to explore!

Healing through Art

Art and healing blend beautifully to take you into your inner self … your emotions, thoughts, feelings and visions – deep into your conscious and subconscious soul. As your healing comes to you from within, you release those negative blockages which have caused you to stagnate and feel heavy in body and mind. This stimulates your immune system, blood flow and mental attitude, and you achieve balanced wholeness, and are able to operate once more at your optimum level - feeling in control of your true self once again. By releasing tension and fear, and opening your mind to passionate creativity, the inner artist and healer become one. The healing art experience is intended to be exciting and joyful – it is fun and should be seen as an adventure.

Use this creative process of art to heal yourself, others and the earth. People are using art to heal so many situations, such as: depression, grief, fear, guilt, sickness, pain, abuse (sexual, physical, mental), anger, frustration, separation or divorce and to promote their spiritual growth. Or you can simply choose Healing Art as a form of relaxation and a way to unwind from the stresses of daily life.

You don’t need to believe in any particular religion or spiritual belief – you simply take yourself inward on your own personal healing journey. This is the ideal vehicle for transformation, change and healing – making this simple healing process accessible to everyone. By bringing light into the dark areas which are blocking you, and using your imagination, you can find deep within you art that speaks from your soul. Although the experience will be different for everyone, the underlying transformation of feeling lighter and brighter, and focusing on being right there in the moment, is the same for us all.

The first step to healing is the realisation that, in order to heal, you must go within, and visit those heavy energies of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions – those places that we don’t really want to look at, so we tend to bury them deep within us. By facing these negative energies and bringing them to the surface, you are then able to release them. A great way to do this is to transform these energies into something creative and focusing on being truly ‘in the present’.

Being mindful of your negative thoughts and emotions is really important. You are not expected to simply forget them. But by being ‘present’ and ‘in the moment’ when creating art, you are able to acknowledge those feelings by releasing the inner critic, self-judgement or self-condemnation. Surrendering helps you to accept your emotions including pain, anger, despair and guilt. By releasing emotionally and physically, you are able to trust, ‘let go’ and reveal the true you.

Creativity is in our genes, we do it spontaneously. We use our imagination to heal, so it’s the easiest, most natural process for life change. You do not need to be an artist or a healer – you just need to have the desire to heal and grow.

" When there are no words there is art "

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